We're all about entertaining you and having fun to the beat of an invisible drum!


It all started with Martha.  Doesn't it always?  Martha brought us all together when she formed an instructional group at Bill's Pickin' Parlor.  The three teachers, Martha, Larry, and Chris had so much fun during these sessions that Martha volunteered them as a "band" to perform for a housewarming party around Halloween.  Among a few others added in were Dickie and Staci - both spouses of the core group.  The practices and performance went well and were so much fun that they decided to keep going.  Since then, the Skaredy Katz have decided to bring their music to places such as retirement homes, assisted living homes, church groups, and whoever else wants us!  And just who is the REAL skaredy kat in the group?  It's Staci.  She's scared of everything from spiders and snakes to deep water and public performances!

Dickie & Martha
Kathy & Larry
Chris & Staci

Martha Butler is our head honcho and fearful leader.  She is a very skilled and talented musician and musical instructor who can play guitar, banjo, dobro, bass, mandolin, AND she has a beautiful voice!  Music is definitely her passion, and she also enjoys playing in her church band.  She's often a mischievous "Lucy" influence, but she's always fun to be around!  

Dickie Butler, Martha's husband, is an integral part of the band playing the electric bass (looks like half an instrument!) and being our booking agent.  He's a Gamecock fan through and through and an expert in liquor distillation.  Their teeny pup, Pressley, often accompanies them.  

Larry Klein.  What can't Larry do?  He can play every instrument INCLUDING the kitchen sink.  Plus, he's a set of encyclopedias on legs.  He is "all that".  In the band, he usually plays the guitar and sings, but he has been known to play the electric accordion (is that even a thing?).  

Descended from royalty, Kathy Klein is our moral support and encouragement director.  She is Larry's better half, and she can often be found comforting her big white floof pup, or determining the finest chocolate martini in the area.  Kathy is also a fabulous artist (pronouced "arTEEst") who is best known for her paintings.

Chris Jones plays the guitar, mandolin, and computer.  He's been called a renaissance man as his skills encompass just about anything.  He also sings in the band, although his wife once asked him if he was harmonizing or just singing the wrong notes.

Staci Jones is the final member and the wife of Chris.  Yes, she's scared of everything.  She tries to play the banjo and is learning the guitar.  She may be seen in the group hiding behind a post or ducking behind her music stand.



Our musical shows encompass a wide range of genres including folk, bluegrass, classic rock, country, gospel, and blues.  We play the oldies and enjoy when the audience sings along or even dances!  Some of our repertoire includes:  Under the Boardwalk, Country Roads, Hotel California, Love Potion #9, My Girl, Brown Eyed Girl, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Baby It's You, Red Haired Boy, This Little Light of Mine, Old Home Place, Dream, Lying Eyes, and many others.  We can perform both acoustically and electrically.  




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